Film Strip

Instructor Name: Amy Schneider

Mixed Media Artist, Amy Schneider, received her BFA from Massachusetts College of Art where she was awarded an Art School Associates Award. A graphic designer and visual artist, she finds the interplay between the two an exciting mix.

Amy has always had a love of creating, especially from used and about-to-be discarded junk. After taking a collage workshop in 1999, Amy?s painting process grew to include a variety of media such as acrylic paints, oil pastels, found papers and her own photography.

Amy?s work can be seen in a variety of shows in Southern California and in private collections.

Artists Statement

My art is a personal exploration of the subject and the materials I use to create the work. Regardless of whether the subject matter is my own personal fact or fiction, my mixed media paintings evolve from what I see and feel around me in everyday life. I let the process of making each piece guide me to it?s conclusion. Each layer determines and guides the next.

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